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Prayer for Financial Needs

I will bless the Lord at all times: his praise shall continually be in my mouth.  My soul shall make her boast in the Lord and the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad.  O magnify the Lord with me and let us exalt his name together.  I sought the Lord, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.  Thank you that you are my shepherd and I shall not want. 


Thank you that in all labor there is profit, but mere talks only to poverty. Thank you that my steps are ordered by you Lord and you delight in my way.  Though I fall (having financial trouble) I shall not be utterly cast down.  For you Lord will uphold me with your hand.  I have been young and now am old: yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. You are merciful and lendeth and my seed is blessed. 


You are merciful and your word says that the young lions do lack and suffer hunger, but they that seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.  Thank you that I will not lack any good thing.


Thank you that I will hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord, my God to observe and to do all your commandments which you command and you will set me high above all nations of the earth.  And all these blessings shall come on me and overtake me if I will hearken unto the voice of the Lord my God.  Thank you that blessed shall I be in the city, and blessed shall I be in the field.  Blessed shall be the fruit of my body (my children) and the fruit of the ground (my work), fruit of my cattle (my provisions), the increase of my cattle and the flocks of my sheep.  Thank you that I will be blessed when I come in and blessed when I go out.  Thank you Lord that mine enemy (poverty, lack), who rise up against me, will be defeated before me.  They will come at me from one direction, but flee from me in seven.  Thank you Lord that you will send a blessing on my barns and on everything I put my hand to.  Thank you Lord that you will bless me in the land you are giving me.


Note: Be obedient to God and he will keep his promise as you prayed.    Be patient. 


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